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In this blog I hope to bring you some of my thoughts on the latest in nutrition research as it happens and to talk about what is new and exciting in our ever-changing knowledge about food and how it affects our health.

Recently I have been talking to people about the Mediterranean diet and how adopting this way of eating can improve so many aspects of our health.  For over sixty years , researchers working on aspects of the Mediterranean diet have proven its effectiveness in preventing chronic disease including heart disease, diabetes and dementia, its promotion of living a long healthy life and its role in weight management for  health and wellbeing.

The main aspect of the Mediterranean diet that is different from our own in Australia is its emphasis on vegetables and other plant-based foods.  LOTS of vegetables and salads.  Vegetables with lunch and dinner.  Every day. Two and a half to three cups worth of vegetables and salad.

The new Australian Dietary Guidelines published last year recommend that all Australians eat 5 serves of vegetables every day.  It is a sad fact that only 20% of Australians manage to meet this recommendation.

Vegetables are laden with vitamins, minerals antioxidants and other elements essential for preventing disease.  So do yourself a favour and add a side salad to your evening meal, add a vegetable soup to your lunchtime sandwich and enjoy eating your way to better health.


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