Obesity Surgery – is it for me?

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For many of us the decision to have weight loss or bariatric surgery is a very difficult one.  Most people who consider surgery for obesity have been struggling with their weight for many years and are often embarrassed to seek help fearing they will be seen as failures.

I have worked in Geelong as a bariatric dietitian for over 20 years and have seen hundreds of patients go through surgery and most do very well. It is certainly difficult and there are many lifestyle changes that need to be made for the rest of your life, it is not a quick fix. Those who do best are those who follow the guidelines and keep in touch with their surgeon and other healthcare professionals following the surgery.

If you have had the surgery and are struggling with some of the changes you need to make I am happy to help you through this as well as talking to those who might be at the start of their journey and would just like another opinion as to whether they should make the first step of ringing the surgeon’s rooms.

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